Richard Branson Offers $25M For Method of Removing CO2 From Atmosphere. Any Ideas?

The prize will be open for 5 years and the winner will have to come up wiht a way of removing one billion metric tons of carbon gases a year from the atmosphere for ten years.



Rafa said...

Its great to see that someone is making an attempt to improve the environment by offering an incentive. Branson is definitely trying to invest in the world's health which is great because it is slowly being depleted. However,I dont know if his prize would be effective because the problems are created through the policies that govern our countries and the way our economies function.

Christina said...

Branson is my hero
I think this is an interesting approach: decreasing emissions is already highly encouraged by governments in the form of tax incentives, and regulations such as title 24, but this is the first I have heard of anyone trying to attack emissions from the other end. I think a reasonable starting point would be to genetically modify/enhance plants that already absorb high levels of carbon and convince CalTrans and other DOTs to farm them in highway medians and other leftover urban spaces where native plants no longer have a chance. Well, I'm not a geneticist, biologist, or environmentally aware British tycoon, so that's just a stab in the dark. Richard Branson is awesome, though.