Shigeru Ban Video About His New Pavilion For Artek


The Institute for Sound and Vision

The Institute for Sound and Vision by Neutelings Riedijk has opened its doors to the public



Richard Branson Offers $25M For Method of Removing CO2 From Atmosphere. Any Ideas?

The prize will be open for 5 years and the winner will have to come up wiht a way of removing one billion metric tons of carbon gases a year from the atmosphere for ten years.



More pictures from Saturday's field trip to the LACMA construction site:

The stone's connection to the wall:
Detail, showing the narrow space between the stone and the structural wall:
Perimeter trench where a french drain system will be installed:
HVAC and electric systems snaking around the ceiling:
Slots for the fasteners on the interior walls:
Exposed pipes where the much-discussed glass elevator will be:
Rebar grids around the outside of the parking structure:
Then down and down and down and deeper into the chasmal-looking underground parking structure: